Sprut – 2d Fluid solver for Nuke.

Here’s something I’m hoping to release for free once it’s all packaged up.

Sprut – A fast 2d fluid solver for Nuke.

* Based on Jos Stam’s 1999 Paper “Stable Fluids”
* Written as 2d gizmos; making it really easy to implement new ideas
* Fast and stable
* Creates and saves Uv’s and velocities to do post-sim manipulation
* Density and velocity manipulation during sim (viscocity and density diffusion, as well as rate flow control)
* Super Fun yo !

Next to do on my list is finishing the emitter and collision tools and package the whole thing up for a smooth release.


Early bridge to Mantra.

Mantra for Nuke.

MantraBridge – Aka Mantra for Nuke.

* Point, Area and Environment light support
* Basic shader support (brdf, matte/shadow, occlusion/bent normal)
* Raytrace, Micropoly and Physically Based rendering engines available.
* Animation support for parameters. (lights, cameras, objects)
* Delayed_load object support. (with basic translation controls)
* Pixel and raytracing sampling controls (pr object and light)

Very handy if you want to render excessive amounts of Stanford Dragons in comp.

Shadows in Nuke

Self-shadowing in Nuke.

So here’s a little trick to get some dodgy hacky shadows in Nuke , by comparing projected and “rendered” pWorld passes we can derive the difference easily and use that as a shadow matte. Still aliasing and various issues, but works fairly well. Node requires geo, camera, bg and lights. Supports all regular nuke geo.

*Nuke script with gizmo/group , Geo needs reloading.


*Just the group in a txt file


Now, to trace the rays…Zomg!